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Ecom School’s curriculum was written over the course of several months and is the result of years of teaching experience and the work of top professionals in Israel in order to make you a leading professional in the online and high-tech market.

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Includes digital lessons (On Ecom School’s social network)

A range of integrated/specialized/premium courses

Ecom School’s in-demand integrated “Multi-Talent” course:

The course is comprised of 145 academic hours that will provide you with all the tools required to be a leading online entrepreneur! The course includes three key topics: FACEBOOK ADS Facebook media management, GOOGLE ADS, managing sponsored campaigns on Google, and building WP sites. Other topics studied on the course are consumer psychology, brand management, Internet business management, dropshipping, Instagram, content marketing, affiliate marketing, lead trading, and Internet entrepreneurship. *Some of the subjects taught provide theoretical tools. (To view the Multi Talent course – click here)

Digital Course (Academic Social Network): 

Over 300 video format lessons featuring frontal lectures and a work screen behind the lecturer, HD quality editing with special features and special digital editing methods for digital syllabus, personal profile, shared wall, live chat with instructors, forums and a news portal – The course is updated constantly and new courses are added at no extra cost, the course is part of the student profile and students have permanent access as part of the Ecom community.

Premium Courses: 

Practical courses that will get you instantly into the high-tech market including information security, coding in PHP, .NET, AI, QA, UX/UI, NETWORKING, LS.HTML CSS, PS, illustration and more.

Live Streamed integrated or specialized courses: 

A course streamed live directly from our urban classroom  (Tel Aviv branch). The course includes live support from an online instructor, watching HD quality lessons – a very special course for those who have difficulty leaving home.

Specialization: With the top professionals in the field, either as a full course or as a course of personal accompaniment or in a small, professional group in one of our areas of expertise.

Our courses

Website Development

Gain a profession for life… website development on the top platforms in the world… how to build a commercial or PR site, taught by pros in the field.

Google Media Manager

Research, budgets, analytics… Learn everything from the people that managed the biggest campaigns in the country for the biggest companies and market leaders.


Organic promotion on Google and other search engines. Learn how to get a website to the top of the first page on a search engine. Customer awareness is gathering pace in recent years and generating enormous demand for the profession.

Social Media Manager

Study the most coveted field in the world from the people who know Facebook at least as well as Zuckerberg. Learn how to be the best campaign managers with the most innovative advertising methods


Photoshop? Digital illustration? Editing and more… A fascinating course that will enable you to quickly integrate into the world of digital design and editing


Learn from top experts in the field how to code PHP  with Ecom School’s premium courses.


Every tech company has a genius who creates the perfect user experience and elegant, user friendly interface. That person is trained in UX, one of the fastest growing professions in the tech world.


Learn Python, a dynamic coding language used for web and app development, from the top experts in the country. High market demand for Python programmers.

The reason that we don’t suffer from bugs all the time isn’t that they don’t exist… it’s simply that there are people who get to them before you do… Learn a highly sought after profession.

Java Script

Learn the easiest, most accessible and most indispensable programming language. Find out why Java Script in the most popular programming language of all.

Information Security

Building data and cyber protection infrastructures… one of the most in-demand fields in the world of high-tech. Within a short time, the course will give you a profession for life. 


Make the machine feel human. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future in the making. A select profession with the highest salaries in the tech sector.


What is networking? It’s something we can’t get along without, but do we really understand the term? Do we really know the advantages and disadvantages of networking? Do we know how to network?


The languages that are the foundation for all other programming languages. You have to know them to develop and grow in any direction you want in the digital world.


Data Base Analytics . You may not know it, but in 2018, data surpassed the value of oil. Study a unique course to learn the profession of the future.


A unified library for developing with the entire family of Windows operating systems.


React was developed by Jordan Walke, a programmer at Facebook. He was influenced by Angular JS and XHP, which was a PHP library for managing HTML elements.


Get to know the Linux operating system from the most basic level up to understanding unique operating system processes, running automations using the unique script for the operating system – Bash,  and get to know the greatest strengths of the Linux system.

Administration and virtualization

The course will give you an introduction to and first hand knowledge of the world of administration and virtualization. You will gain a theoretical understanding and conduct practical work.

Integrated course

The “Multi Talent” course is Ecom School’s most sought after course. Learn how to become an Internet entrepreneur… Get professional in several fields in a short time! The course does not require an entrance test and is the first of its kind in Israel.

Not just a course:

In addition to the course you have enrolled in, you will receive access to Ecom School’s talked about social network which includes networking opportunities and real-time updates around the latest news in the online industry. Here you can meet the top professionals and colleagues in the field, create potential collaborations, explore employment opportunities, learn about all the latest developments in the field, and receive our entire digital curriculum to view in your free time.

Requirements for completion of course:

In order to complete the course and receive a certificate  you must meet the following requirements:

Attendance - 10% of the final grade
Mid-term exam - 30% of the final grade
Final project - 60% of the final grade

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