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At Ecom School, we aren’t just leading a change in the way we study with the innovative new methods we have introduced, we are also building the community of the future – a community that shares information, provides mutual support, and creates opportunities for its students. From our social network to our urban classrooms, every step we take is made with empathy and love, and a lot of attention. Ecom School invites you to be a part of a real change and of a growing community. 


The Ecom School curriculum is taught  by leaders in the field who will give you practical instruction in a wide range of disciplines: Building a marketing strategy, media management, programming, app development, cyber, management of CRM systems, servers, business management, consumer psychology, building a brand, working with suppliers, logistics and more. Ecom School is part of the Israeli MInistry of Education study program and is certified by CISCO.


All the professions of the future under one roof!

Our team

Dr. Meir Orenstein

Co-founder and CEO

Idan Roeh


Ben Siboni

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Nuriel Mordechai

Chief Pedagogical Adviser

Tal Chaike

Head of Digital

Stav Fiskus


Yaakov Tzedek

Social Networks

Ben Gur Levi

Search Engines-Google


Web Building



Dani Navon

WIX Websites

Avi Hochman

Online Money Management

Yehuda Azulai


Ilan Haber

Native Content Marketing

Avner Roache

Internet Entrepreneurship

Shlomi Sucker


Eran Moradi

Dropshipping/Internet Entrepreneurship

Hagit Gidron

Campaign Management and Social Networks

Meital Pudinski

Brand Management

Elad Farjoun


Shai Cohen

Facebook and Data

Ron Sagi

Pedagogical Advisor

Adam Harrari

Pedagogical Advisor

Ina Loklin

Pedagogical Advisor

Bar Tzanchani

Pedagogical Advisor

Ran Afllalo

Video Editor

Ilan Baruch Nafshi

Course Coordinator

Elad Peretz

UX/UI Design

Matan Ben Naim

Pedagogical Advisor

Mali Bilu


Gal Zar Aviv


Omar Calif

Cyber and Information Security

Nathalie Rogel

Facebook Media Management

Yossi Ouaknin

App Development

Hagai Kreuzer


Chen Mental

Marketing Manager

Shlomi Amit

Google PPC

Keshet Barkai

Internet Entrepreneurship


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