Search Engine Marketing

72 academic hours


CISCO certification

קורס שיווק דיגיטלי - מכללת איקום

This course includes job placement

Special certification

Includes an entrance exam

Average wages in the industry NIS 8,000-15,000

Course is included in digital lessons (On Ecom School’s social network)

Why should I be a search engine marketer

Specialize in search engine and promotion options on Google, opening AdWords accounts, sponsored promotion strategy and organic SEO, writing dedicated content for organic promotion, goal-based campaign statistics and analysis, key phrase research, analytics and measurement of campaign effectiveness, opening a YouTube channel, campaign optimization, algorithmics (Panda, Penguin, Spider), backlinks for organic promotion. The course will give you the opportunity to become PPC managers at media companies or run campaigns independently for your business or as a freelancer. The practical tools that the course provides will be effective in your daily work and will give you a strategic and tactical plan for promotion on Google.


Read about our Search Engine Optimized Website Building course.

Attendance - 10% of the final grade
Mid-term exam - 30% of the final grade
Final project - 60% of the final grade

Yes, I want to be a Google media manager!

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