UI/UX Course

72 academic hours


CISCO certification

קורס שיווק דיגיטלי - מכללת איקום

This course includes job placement

Special certification

Includes an entrance exam

Average wages in the industry NIS 11,000-16,000

Course is included in digital lessons (On Ecom School’s social network)

Why I should I learn UX

One of the leading, most innovative and most sought-after professions!

Characterization of user experience and interface visibility (UX) – a critical component to the success of any system or app.

Our professional training will give you all the tools and knowledge required to flourish in diverse digital design roles.

Learn about our QA course.

Attendance - 10% of the final grade
Mid-term exam - 30% of the final grade
Final project - 60% of the final grade

Yes, I want to be a UX/UI developer

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